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Thought you saw it coming, didn’t you?

Well, you’re wrong there – it’s been here for a while now 😉

What’s been?

The Alliance of Student Superheroes is on hiatus.

No, we’re not filming. No, we’re not trying to come up with a better schedule for episodes. We’re just…

On hiatus.

And an indefinite one, at that.

Cheers, everyone. Hoping we’ll be back? Yeah, we hope so too.


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Episode 2 title revealed!

•March 23, 2007 • 1 Comment

Production on Episode 2 has begun!

The A.S.S. crew begins filming on location in Las Piñas this March 27.

Just in time for this announcement, mA.S.S. Media Productions’ Public Relations Department has released the much-awaited episode’s title:

Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction

What does this spell for our new heroes? Details on the episode have been scarce, but the name Salazar Assein has been floating around in the rumor mills recently…

article from gotass.com fansite, 23 March 2007

Email #0015: Origins blooper reel!

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WARNING: We recommend you watch the episode first before continuing with this email.

There’s recently been a video feed leaked on the internet, and we have just discovered that it was part of the raw data production sent to the editing department for the first episode.

Long story short: We apprehended the fans who ripped this video and leaked it, but since it’s on the internet anyway, we bring you–the Episode One blooper reel!

Always at your service,

The Official A.S.S. Public Relations Office

Moderators, Official A.S.S. Fans Club (We are currently searching for co-moderators. Details soon.); Admins, Unofficial A.S.S. Fanlisting; Agency-in-Charge, General A.S.S. Public Relations

Episode #1: Origins (Pilot)

•March 12, 2007 • 26 Comments

Password protection removed.

It’s finally here!

Best viewed in full screen mode.

Some of you may be wondering what the Alliance of Student Superheroes really is. Well, despite not-so-obvious superpowers and teh rockingest fighting skillz, the members of ASS are normal (well, as normal as superheroes can get) students of Philippine Science High School.

We come from different walks of high school life; different interests, different cliques, different faces, different directions. The students of the real Philippine Science High School are just as diverse. The ASS video is an analogical view of Philippine Science – or Pisay, as it is lovingly called by many – which shows the diverse, multi-talented scholars of the Philippine nation, or ‘iskolar ng bayan’.

We, contrary to popular belief, undergo the many trials and tribulations that normal high schoolers go through everyday – just in a super way. We have problems with homework, parents, love life, teachers, friends, and so many other things. ASS is a metaphor of our lives at Pisay, and because our lives change, this series does not end at Origins.

See Project Info.

Episode Credits below

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Email #0014

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Sender: Dusk <“dusk@ass.org”>

Subject: my razor

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Bulletin #0011

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Attention, everyone.

Alliance of Student Superheroes profiles have now been made public. You are all welcome to view them by clicking on the links located at the sidebar.

Profiles available: Black Apple, Dusk, Helix, Photogirl, The Rocker, and our episode’s villain–Umbra.


It has recently been rumored that production is on the lookout for superpowered highschoolers willing to side with the forces of darkness. The superhero world has been buzzing with news that auditions will be held in the near future. Those interested in applying–please be alert for any more news on these updates.