Origins v1.0

Rockers, overachievers, techies, observers.

Friends, rivals, batchmates, social trash.

Situated on various points of the high school spectrum, there were very slim chances of them having eye contact – let alone meeting. It was simply not the way the school was organized: there were rules, rules deemed as important and universal as gravity, or as great as the theory of relativity, and if ever there was anything in store for them, it would take something big to make it happen.

And something big it was – literally.

40 years of scientific experiments and pollution gone wrong. Gross miscalculation in the Chemistry department. Five students. And one meterstick.

What happens when they are all placed in the same equation?

The world’s about to find out.


~ by Black Apple on February 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Origins v1.0”

  1. elow…I left a comment on the “What’s all this?” 🙂

  2. cool project…i can’t say anything else eh…basta..’twas fantastic. 😀

  3. hehe… meterstick

    i like the guitar hero guy. If the guitar were only bigger you could use it like a broad sword.

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