Email #0013

Sender: Production, finance and logistics division

Forwarded from:

Subject: your application for headquarters

To the Alliance of Student Superheroes:

We are sorry to inform you that your application for superhero organization headquarters 25,000 feet above Metro Manila has been denied.

The following requirements have not been met:

  • A legal hover vehicle licensure for at least one of your members
  • High school diplomas for all five members
  • The salvation of at least one planet besides Earth
  • A legal and binding contract with a comic book company to cover all living expenses (total student stipends of P5000 is not enough)

Once the above requirements have been met, you may re-apply for your desired headquarters, and we will do our best to place you at a point along the space-time continuum convenient for all of mankind.

Thank you.


~ by dullanddreaded on February 27, 2007.

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