All links to multimedia content shall be placed here. These include video feeds from production, promotional images from the set, various shots from public appearances (including interviews, etc), and other stolen shots from fanatics we have managed to bribe.

We cannot guarantee the quality of some images and video, as fans these days don’t seem to have steady hands when it comes to cameras. We have, however, tried our best to make sure the standard of quality is more or less constant with these items.


The Official A.S.S. Public Relations Office

Moderators, Official A.S.S. Fans Club (We are currently searching for co-moderators. Details soon.); Admins, Unofficial A.S.S. Fanlisting; Agency-in-Charge, General A.S.S. Public Relations

–245 Fortress of Solitude Annex B, Solar System, Milky Way

In cooperation with the A.S.S. production team.

— Images —

The Heroes!

The Villains so far

Out of filming

— Videos —

— Promotional Media —

Trailer vids



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