Azeved, Karlo


Status: High school sophomore

Clique: high-profile people(?), loner, overacheivers

Age: 15

An atypical student leader and over-achiever, Karlo is often weighed down by other people’s expectations, as well as his own. The sheer amount of stress and pressure that schoolwork, people, and he himself causes leads to an immensely negative attitude and outlook on life. He takes things way too seriously, is unable to express his feelings properly, and he trusts or befriends very few people. Despite his being known for his high status, Karlo is often found wandering the corridors of the school alone, or sitting quietly in a corner. He shows the bad side of Pisay student life, but is not innately evil.

There have been recent rumors that Karlo’s depression stems from his break-up with fellow overachiever, Carmel Saldaña…


Karlo possesses telepathic, empathic, and psychokinetic abilities.

He can indirectly influence people’s thoughts and feelings by projecting his own, and his ability is mainly used to plunge any being into waves of depression, despair, pain, or fear. He then proceeds to manipulate darkened auras.


Gian Dapul
Meet him here.


4 Responses to “Dusk”

  1. Ahhhhhh…..Ahhhhh…..Ahhhhh……Ahhhhhh…..Ahhhhh…..

    The horror of the face!!! It burns my eyes!!!! I’m blind!!!


    I just needed to say that stuff…..’Cuz it’s damn right true…..

    I hope I don’t see another picture of the horrible face up there…..

    Dude wiith the creepy, horrible, and dead-looking face. And his sister……

    I’m sorry…..Just face the truth…..

  2. I forgot to do something…..

    *evil glare at photo*

  3. i love you coz ur cute!!! ahehehehe!!! “love” the “NAME”

  4. great pic. 😀 and where the heck did you get that name? anyways, GJ.=)

    i love the orbs of light thingies=)

    again, GJ to you guys.

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