Bennet, Gero


Status: High school sophomore

Clique: n/a

Age: 14

Gero is the resident star student in Biology, even beating out Carmel and Karlo most of the time. He opts not to be a member of any clique; rather, he observes the way high school society works, and is able to befriend anyone from any group, since he is not hampered by any of the rules defined by the status quo. He also tends to observe a certain fashionista with an affinity to black and Apple computers…

He is also known for his interests in gaming and cooking, and his generosity – which, he says, is his way of atoning for his “being a leech” in grade school.


Gero has the ability of biokinesis, which allows him control over all forms of life. He can manipulate life forms on both macro- and microscopic levels, and synthesize non-living matter into life-forms. He often uses this ability to create life-forms designed to make people around him happy, or to create food upon command.


Gero Lumain
Meet him here.


4 Responses to “Helix”

  1. wtf!!!! statue???? man you’re not looking at the cam…. damn it!!! next time show you’re face…. ahahahahahahahahah!!!

  2. it such a shame but i’m leaving… huh??? why the hell am i singing this?!? oh what a loser… no i meant you… not me… ahehehehe!!!! just kiddin’ couz! rhock on you idiot!!!

  3. yeah creation of food is nice… dude y am i the only one leaving a comment in your profile???? omg you’re sooo damned… ahehehehe!!!! shake off the shades nd i can asure you that you’ll look human… harharhar…. nwei… goodluck couz!!! em goin’ to miss yah!!!!

  4. I want the creating food power…

    i should try jumping into the creek sometym…

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