Black Apple


Loyola, Kate

“Black Apple”

Status: High school sophomore

Clique: high-profile people, fashionistas, technogeeks

Age: 13

One of the smarter members of the fashionista group, Kate is often seen with Mac in hand and leather backpack in tow. She is adept at handling most kinds of electronic equipment, and is especially effective in programming codes. Kate is a known hero in her batch for hacking into the school servers and raising everybody’s grades a step up during her first year – the Computer Science teachers are still trying to figure out what happened.

Kate is also rumored to be the object of attraction of the Biology expert in her class…


Kate has the power of technopathy.

She can manipulate any form of technology, be it electronic or otherwise. She usually uses this ability to make new creations out of existing gadgets and materials, especially during times of boredom. She can also create and control electric current to power her creations.


Kate Loyola
Meet her here.


2 Responses to “Black Apple”

  1. She’s only 13 and already a hacker? Hmmmm…i wonder if we could be net friends…

  2. Hmmm. Sorry, but I doubt it, Anonymous.
    (a) her parents wouldn’t let her; (b) she might not want to; (c)she’ll probably be too busy organizing her wardrobe (again >.> do you know how much time she spends color-coding those things? x.X); and (d)clique rules are probably against it.

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