Saldaña, Carmel


Status: High school sophomore

Clique: overachievers, supervillains (?)

Age: 14

One of the school’s aspiring honor students, Carmel was once engaged in a fierce competition for the top spot. She was incredibly absorbed in the aforementioned competition, even going so far as to break up with fellow overachiever (and former mutual understanding1 partner) Karlo Azeved so as to focus more on her studies–and her quest for academic achievement. As long as it means being the best, Carmel will resort to anything and everything – even fighting against the Alliance.


Carmel’s powers stem from her chemically-infected meterstick, a remnant of the explosion. She has powers of umbrakinesis.

Carmel is able to control any forms of shadow and darkness. She is adept enough to produce semi-corporeal shadows that often carry out her chaotic plans for her.

1 mutual understanding, or M.U. – a juvenile, semi-platonic relationship; greater in romantic degree than friends, less in degree than a serious relationship


Carmel Saldaña


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  1. Hi Carmel!

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