The Rocker



Villalobos, Daniel

“The Rocker”

Status: High school sophomore

Clique: rockers, high-profile people

Age: 16

One of the more musically-inclined instrumentalists in the school, Daniel is part of the rocker group. He often has a song-writing project or two lined up, and these projects often result in very LSS1-able songs. He is also known for his face-melting guitar solos, and his music skills in general.

Daniel is generally viewed by most students as a jerk, especially when with his friends who literally think like asses. But he is actually much deeper than that, and has a soft and sentimental side inside of him.


Daniel has the ability of audiokinesis, or acoustokinesis. He can create and manipulate sound waves of varying amplitude and frequency – or even converting them to other types of force transfer. He mostly uses these powers to create localized earthquakes or seismic waves. He also hammers opponents into the ground with his guitar, Gina.

1 LSS: Last Song Syndrome; getting stuck on a song


DR Gaerlan
Meet him here.


3 Responses to “The Rocker”

  1. Hi. Ok. This is really funny, I think, but don’t you think people look too dark in the pictures. Oh, with you all the way, people. Don’t ask why I keep saying people. And yes, I also have slight LSS. Go ASS!!! Man, that’s wierd.

  2. Hey, thanks :p
    …Oh, and we look too dark because of the lighting, I think. We kinda rushed the photography :p
    Hahaha. Thanks again ^^

  3. EL CABONG!!! XD

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