Job Openings

This page contains application forms and basic criteria for job openings. Details and job offers may change, so do check back often.

We are currently looking for:

  • Prospective villains
    • Download the application form and job details here.
      • Deadline of submission of forms is currently pegged at enrollment time (May). Specific date and time will be provided later.
  • Cameramen
    • Must be adept at handling video cameras
    • Preferaby willing to lend his/her own camera
      • Simply approach any member of the A.S.S. team and inquire.

6 Responses to “Job Openings”

  1. Wala akong magawa 😀
    baka pwede mag-apply sa Villian OR/AND (union and intersection) Kameruh Man!!!

  2. i wanna ba a villain!!! yay

  3. I want to be the one who’ll defeat A.S.S! Joke….good luck sa mga nag aaply 🙂

  4. but wait how many villian/s are/is needed??? just asking :p “good luck guys!!! you need it”

  5. I want to fight umbra!

  6. Secret > Sorry, but we don’t really give out matches against our villains to random people :p
    They’re part of the company, even if they do beat up our superheroes, so we have to take care of them too 😉

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